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Sponsored by
University Presbyterian Church
4540 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

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To enroll, email Weekly meetings begin Monday September 12, 2022.

Being a Cub Scout is fun and enriching for both the Cub and parent(s). Boys and girls ages 5-11, and their families, are welcome to join Cub Scouting. Below is an overview of our Pack and Cubs in general. We look forward to sharing our Pack with you!

*For youth 11+ yrs, check out Troop 167 for boys & Troop 8167 for girls.

Over 65 Years of Scouting in the University District, Seattle

Chartered in 1953, Pack 167 is still going strong today. We meet at University Presbyterian Church, 4540 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA. The church provides the meeting place, equipment storage, and general support, although Cub Scouting is not affiliated with any specific religion.

In Cub Scouting boys, girls, families, and adult leaders work together to provide the cubs with an engaging program that supports character development, attitudes of good citizenship & sportsmanship, personal achievement, teamwork, new interests, skills, and much much more!

We meet most Monday evenings at 7pm during the school year. In addition, we typically enjoy three annual camps around the beautiful Pacific Northwest, service projects, and fun outdoor events. In Pack 167, you can be as active in scouting as you like.

Pack Awards: 2022 District Shooting Stars

Our Pack awarded three of our adult volunteers with the District Shooting Star Award for their contributions in 2022. These leaders stand out as special volunteers, individuals who stepped up, to contribute to the success of our Pack. Thank you to these individuals, and all of our parent volunteers, for your amazing work!

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Calendar: Annual Overview

Pack 167 meets most Mondays, September through June, following the Seattle Public School calendar. We do approximately one pack event per month, supplementing weekly den meetings:

  • September: Raingutter Regatta

  • October: Fall Family Event & Pumpkin Carving

  • December: Holiday Party

  • February: Scout Sunday and Blue & Gold Banquet

  • March: Pine Wood Derby, Bowling

  • April: Earth Day Celebration

  • May: Service Project, Ice Cream Awards, Picnic & Rockets

  • June: Cama Beach Family Camp

  • July: Camp Edward Scouts Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand Cub Scouts, and Scouting in general, could be intimidating! Cub Scouts is a family-oriented program within the broader Scouting effort, designed specifically to meet the needs of boys and girls ages 5-11. Cubs graduate from the Pack, or crossover into the Troop, which have programs for older youth, ages 11-18. For official details on Cubs, see


  1. Who can join Cubs and what is the purpose?
    Every family with children, boys or girls, ages 5-1
    1 (kindergarten through 5th grade). There are no prerequisites, such as prior engagement with Cubs or citizenship. Cubs learn and practice valuable life skills such as first aid, tools, outdoor cooking, pocket knife skills, event planning, and skits, to name a few.

  2. When are families eligible to join? Is there a registration period?
    Families are welcome to join Pack 167 at any time of the year. Den and Pack leaders will help new Cubs get up to speed on any core material missed.

  3. What is a Cub? Scout? Pack? Den? Troop?
    Cubs are conceptually young Scouts.
    Cubs meet in Dens, multiple Dens make up a Pack. Dens are made up of girls or boys of the same rank (age). Pack 167 includes a mix of boy and girl dens. Dens usually meet weekly; packs meet monthly. Troops are the unit of organization used by older Scouts.

  4. How much does Cubs cost?
    dues cover the membership fee to Scouts of America and handbooks, awards, recognitions, crafts, and supplies to run a successful Pack. Our dues are typically $100 per Cub per year. Annual fundraising helps to keep our dues low while delivering an excellent program. The Cama Beach weekend camp can run $250 per family and Camp Edward is about $250 per person. Uniform shirts are recommended at $35 and the neckerchief and slide are provided by the Pack. Often "hand-me-downs" are available. Financial support is also available for families.

  5. Are Parents or Cubs required to volunteer or fundraise?
    parent or guardian accompanies each Cub to den meetings as well as on overnight campouts. Volunteers are needed to run the program and participation in fundraising is essential to fund the events and provide supplies needed to run the program.

  6. Can Parents Participate in Den or Pack Leadership?
    Yes, parents with or without experience in Cubs or Scouts can volunteer. There are additional requirements for leadership volunteering, including formal Scouts BSA training and legal background checks.

  7. How do Cubs advance?
    Cubs rely on their den leaders
    and parents to plan and assist with all advancement activities. Achievements are signed by the den leader and celebrated. Unlike Scout ranks which are merit based, Cub ranks are based on age or grade. Even if a Cub did not earn the rank for his or her age, he or she moves to the next rank with the den. The levels are: Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelo, and Arrow of Light.

  8. What happens once a child advances beyond Cubs?
    Arrow of Light den's focus is preparing Cubs for crossover, where Cubs graduate into Scouts. Graduates are encouraged to continue participating in Troop 167, also sponsored by UPC.

  9. How has Covid Impacted Pack 167?
    Pack 167 is adhering to all King County Health and CDC recommendations.